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Thursday, 1 November 2012

if u dont know stardoll vist

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free in starbazaar

remeber how stardoll gave us these free items and said they were only available on  ramadan  (torch on olimpic days) well they are in the starbazaar search 0-5 sc and this will come up if u missed getting them

babydoll tunic cheap

baby doll tunic in archive for only 6sd so hurry up and buy it before the offer ends  and for all superstars looking for rares dont buy just sell as most  hb and rares are coming back in the shops so come here every week and i will see what hot buy or rare i can find.

comment on if you think this is a good idea.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The "Migliukee For Stardoll" Story

Since many people are asking in my guestbook on how
i found these clothes, thought i gave the answer to the new members of stardoll
with our favourite "Stardoll History" segment.
I will let you know every detail and also give a little something extra about that story
we had the opportunity to know

The store you see in this picture was "Migliukee For Stardoll"
Released on Starplaza on November 5th 2009
Taken From Starplaza on November 5th 2009 (NO kidding)

"Migliukee For Stardoll" was a store that was released for a half day in Starplaza...that happened because of copyright issues. The clothes from that store can't be sold in Starbazaar and they have not brand labes anymore.
All of them are really rare cause of the limited time they stayed in starplaza
The store was created by the designs of a Stardoll user (Migliukee)
However, later that day the designs proved to be stolen. Migliukee Stole the Designs of artist Katie Rodgers and send them to stardoll as hers. Stardoll released them but when the story got out on blogs, the store dissappeared from starplaza....

The blogs were going crazy at the time with many posts on this issue
Underneath Stardoll after a while had an exclusive interview with the girl that started all..Migliukee
In this interview Migliukee basically stated to us:
"I know, I made a mistake, but I just tried so that my country was popular…I am sorry."
and on the question if stardoll punished her after all the truth of her stealing the designs was out:
"They took Migliukee clothes, Stardollars and Superstar Membership. (which they was given for me)"

What we kept to ourselves back then (and since it is been 2 years now i can reveal it) is that we contacted and had a little talk with the Actual Designer of these clothes
Katie Rodgers.
In a small chat we had with her Katie actually told us that if stardoll have asked her she will be intrested in working with them so the store could remain in Starplaza but Stardoll actually never gave her such an offer.

and that was your lesson for today..
let me know on other stores you'd love to see feautured on stardoll History

...xoxo sam

ELLE on stardoll-the story

Tons of requests about an ELLE Story so here it is.

The Story of Elle goes back to 2008 were it was released. Speciafically Elle was released on December 9th 2008. Though it was considered as a real brand store in stardoll, the clothes in the store were inspired by a various number of top Designers or Fashion houses such as Louis Vouiton, Balmain, Alexander Wang, Mochino, Proenza Scoulder etc etc

The First Collection was looking like this:

Though Elle came in late 2008 some pieces from the first collections are considered must-haves and hard to find. Especially the Jackets.
The First Collection Stayed on Starplaza for about 6 months and the Second Collection
came out on July 16th 2009 and was looking like this:

It was a colorful collection with enough nice clothes and shoes. Most of the bags were inspired by LV.
The Second collection was also the last collection of ELLE and stayed on Starplaza for about a year.
Until we got that message on 18th May 2010:

A week later the store was gone from starplaza and it was the last time we saw ELLE on Stardoll.

and that was your lesson for today
...xoxo sam